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Break out of social isolation and create deep, anchoring moments among colleagues. A turning point for your team.

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TeamTalk virtual team building

Why choose a TeamTalk virtual team building event?

Break the feeling of isolation

Create lasting bonds through moments of conversation and connection that transcend screens and keyboards.

Acknowledge your strengths

Identify and name the strengths and qualities of each member of your team. Acknowledge who you are, at your best, as a team.

Connect humanely

Bridge the distance between teammates and colleagues in a time overwhelmingly dominated by digital communication.

Start the conversation

Spark more conversations. Inspire your team to demand, give and encourage more feedback in a devised manner.

« I learned more about my colleagues in this 2-hour activity than I did in 7 months of remote work. »

- Participant of the TeamTalk virtual team building

They trusted us !

Unfolding of the event

  • Experience offered in both French and English.
  • Length: between 1 and 4 hours.
  • Number of participants: from 3 to 1000.



A word of welcome, followed by an introduction of the facilitators and of the rules of engagement.



Exposé of our story and of the Ubuntu philosophy.



Introduction, playing instructions and experience of the game in sub-groups.



Assessment and sharing of individual experiences and take-aways of the game.



A word of closure and the Gift to Go.

In which context to plan a TeamTalk virtual team building event?

The TeamTalk game has 4 levels and offers many benefits:

  • Create and strengthen bonds (retreats, Christmas parties, etc.)
  • Practice acknowledgement and celebrate small wins and accomplishments
  • Get to know teammates and colleagues in a new way
  • Welcome and acclimate new members to the team in a remote work context
  • Bring about a reflection on the team’s identity
  • Learn to give, receive and encourage feedback

P.S. The TeamTalk game can be combined with another team activity (ex. A strategic reflection).

TeamTalk testimonials

Thanks for a great team experience! Continue until all teams in the world have experienced the TeamTalk game. The 2 facilitators go hand in hand, providing a dynamic animation duo, which improves the overall experience.

Roxanne Gunville,
Canadian Heritage

That’ll give your team a boost! The game allows for a collective feel-good experience and to converse in a non-job context. A nice way to get to know the colleagues we haven’t had the chance to meet in person yet.

Marie-Êve Côté,
La Ruche

The TeamTalk activity was perfect for our needs. That is to say, an insightful, unifying and playful moment to connect bond among colleagues. What’s more, Gabriel and Daniel offer unmatched service, full of humanity. Many thanks for such an enjoyable moment that we wished could have gone on all day!

Clara Schwarz,

The activity facilitates opening to and confiding in your colleagues. It also helped enhance psychological safety—that is to say that it created an environment in which members can voice their ideas without judgment.

Émilie Beaulieu,
Lucy Garneau Esthétique

Thank you for this valuable moment of sharing and openness in spite of the distance. Thanks to you, we experimented with the virtual universe of the TeamTalk game and experienced a heartwarming moment among colleagues to kick off 2021.

Solédane Hébert,

I strongly recommend it. TeamTalk creates these much too rare moments to collectively share and receive feedback and to reinforce team cohesion. An excellent moment of sharing and openness with my team in spite of the distance.

Kamel Lounis,
Canal+ France

Let’s team up!

Our story is that of a father (Daniel) and a son (Gabriel), cofounders of Hubu, who have been generating team conversations around the world since 2016. Our experience has shown that to establish trust and collaboration within any team or organization, we must first engage the conversation. That is exactly what we aim to facilitate with the TeamTalk experience. The game to finally have the conversations you’ve always wanted but have never had with your colleagues. The game to finally have the conversations that you never had, but always wanted to.

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